Fatboy 135mm x 9mm
Sequel 15mm Through Axle
Sequel 15mm Through Axle The Sequel 15mm is designed to work with most 15mm suspension forks.
DH24 To be used with 24mm axles like the Maverick fork.
20mm Through Axle Standard
20mm Through Axle Standard Fits most forks that have a 20mm axle and designed to work with Manitou, Marzocchi, White Bros, RockShox, Risse, Stratos, etc...
Lefty Designed exclusively to be used with Cannondale's Lefty forks.
Riser Fixes fork clearance problems such as disc brake calipers coming in contact with standard racks.
Specialized Fits 2007 and beyond Specialized 25mm through-axle dual crown forks.
Pugsley Fits the Surly Pugsley front fork
15mm x 142mm Beartrap
15mm x 142mm Beartrap Designed to fit fatbikes such as the Salsa Beargrease.